SB-600 Speaker

This is the SB-600 8 ohm speaker which matches the Heathkit SB line equipment. The speaker has been refurbished and is in excellent working condition. The speaker cabinet was designed ...

SB-600 (silver screws)


80 - 10 meter solid state receiver. Completely reconditioned, tested, and working well. This is a nice sensitive receiver for SSB and CW. This receiver is in excellent condition.


HS-1661 Speaker

Station speaker contains a 4 ohm 5 X 7 oval speaker and works well with the Heathkit ham gear.

A picture of the HS-1661.

QF-1 Q multiplier

For increased selectivity and reception capability of receivers which utilize a 455 khz IF frequency. From the 1962 Heathkit catalog - “Provides an effective 'Q' of 4,000 for peaking or ...


We have many Heathkit manuals available. Some are original manuals, others are copies. Go to this page to check out our manual prices.

Parts & Accessories

A partial listing of parts available for your Heathkit ham gear. Our parts inventory is extensive - we have listed some of the more popular items. Please contact us for price and availability.


A list of service fees arranged alpabetically by model number. This list shows the standard charge for labor on the Heathkit models we service. Parts and return shipping are additional. The service includes a complete repair, alignment, and calibration. There is a 90 day warranty on the parts and labor.